SYNTHESIS [email protected], 22-jun-2020

June . 22 . 2020 page 10/19 Communication Unit | tel: +351 21 842 61 00 | [email protected] SYNTH SIS IN @ COVID-19 In the following sectors, the percentage of enterprises reporting an increase in turnover exceeded those reporting a reduction: • Accommodation and food services (50% reported increases and 22% decreases); • Distributive trade (43% and 26%); • Transportation and storage (42% and 22%). The opposite occurred in the remaining sectors. The evolution of the containment measures and the increase in orders/clients were the main factors (59% and 56% respectively) mentioned by the enterprises for the increase in turnover, compared to the second fortnight of May. The size and sector of the enterprises were not differentiating elements. 76% of the enterprises that reported a decrease in turnover in the first fortnight of June referred to the reduction in orders as the cause. In the Industry and Energy sector, 76% of the enterprises reported this factor as the main cause of the reduction in turnover. 39% of the enterprises reported a reduction in persons employed effectively working in the first fortnight of June (-6 p.p. compared to the previous fortnight), standing for 59% of persons employed in the responding enterprises. 56% of the responding enterprises (+5 p.p. than in the previous fortnight), corresponding to 34% of the total number of people employed in these enterprises, reported that there had been no impact of the pandemic in terms of persons employed. Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on persons employed effectively working (1 st fortnight of June) Total number of enterprises operating or temporarily closed 5% 56% 39% Reduction No impact Increase By sector, the Accommodation and food services enterprises continued to stand out, with 67% reporting a decrease in persons employed (-6 p.p. vis-à-vis the previous fortnight). In 29% of the enterprises operating in this sector, the reduction in persons employed was more than 75%. Concerning persons employed in the first fortnight of June compared to the previous fortnight: • 68% of the enterprises, representing 44% of the persons employed in the responding enterprises, reported not having changed the number of persons employed effectively working, compared to the previous fortnight; • 24% reported an increase; • 8% reported a decrease. Where there is a change, it increases with the size of the enterprise. In the period under analysis, the Accommodation and food services sector recorded the highest percentage of enterprises with increases in persons employed (40% of enterprises, which represent 57% of the persons employed).