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To what geographical level is it possible to obtain indicators on waste and supply and wastewater and where are they available?


Statistics Portugal provides a significant set of indicators, both on waste and on water (supply and wastewater) up to the municipality level, which can be accessed on the Statistics Portugal Portal> Products> Database> Theme: Environment, in the following sub-themes:

·         Waste - In this sub-theme, select under the option “With the geographical level” the level “Municipality” to obtain all available indicators broken down to municipality, which refer to municipal waste, namely municipal waste collected per inhabitant (kg/hab.), municipal waste collected (t) and type of recyclable material, managed municipal waste (t) and type of destination, biodegradable municipal waste (BW) landfilled, etc. 


·         Water - In this sub-theme, select the “Municipality” level under the option “Geographical Level” to obtain all available indicators disaggregated to the municipality.

Regarding water supply, indicators on abstracted water, water distributed per inhabitant, the proportion of accommodation served by water supply, quality of water for human consumption, safe water, among others, are included.

Water intended for human consumption" means water in its original state or after treatment, intended for drinking, cooking, food preparation, personal hygiene or other household purposes, irrespective of its origin and how it is made available to the consumer.”

For wastewater, indicators are available concerning, inter alia, the proportion of dwellings served by drained wastewater, and the origin of wastewater, treated wastewater, treatment plants, and treatment levels.

Wastewater means wastewater that may contain significant quantities of suspended or dissolved products with harmful action for the environment. Cooling water shall not be considered.’

It should be noted that the table containing the information of the selected indicator presents by default the most recent and aggregated information. However, it can be changed through the option “Change selection conditions”, from which the dimensions of the selected indicator are accessed to change them if applicable, such as the “Geographical Location” (NUTS), following the NUTS (NUTS I, II and III) hierarchy up to the maximum geographical breakdown (municipality).

For further information on the indicators made available on:

 Waste, see the Portal> Products> Metainformation System> Methodological documentation> Theme: Environment, the Methodological Document for Urban Waste Statistics.

Water, see the Portal> Products> Metainformation System> Methodological Documentation> Theme: Environment, the Methodological Document Public Urban Systems of Water Services | Physical and Operating Strand