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  Workshop on Scanner Data for HICP
  from  September 26, 2013  a  September 27, 2013,  Statistics Portugal, Lisbon

   Agenda (1994 Kb)
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Participants List
The use of scanner data as a source for HICP
Eurostat: Network of Price Experts
UK Scanner Data Project – Update on Obtaining Scanner Data
United Kingdom: Derek Bird and Ainslie Restieaux
Results of the evaluation on the exploitation of scanner data
Portugal: Filipa Lidónio and Cecília Cardoso
The use of scanner data in the Luxembourg CPI: first lessons learned
Luxembourg: Jérôme Hury and Claude Lamboray
IT system developed to manage scanner data
Switzerland: Jean-Michel Zürcher
The sample plan for the Norwegian index of food and non-alcoholic beverages
Norway: Pia Skare Rønnevik
What price? How to combine scanner data with traditional price collection?
Portugal: Vitor Mendonça

Past, present and future of scanner data with focus on Statistics Sweden
Sweden: Muhanad Sammar

The Austrian Scanner Data Project
Austria:  Ingolf Böttcher, Michaela Böttcher
Comparing scanner data and survey data for measuring price change of drugstore articles
Antonio G. Chessa.
Scanner data and quality adjustment the French Experience
France: Isabelle Léonard, Patrick Sillard and Gaëtan Varlet
Scanner Data - Some answers, many questions
Eurostat: Berthold Feldmann