Official Portal - Statistics Portugal
Statistics Portugal´s dissemination policy is clearly users-oriented and assigns great importance to meeting customer needs and expectations. Wide and easy access to Statistics Portugal’s information is a priority, as well as improving the quality of the service provided. Transparency, which must underlie the production and dissemination of official statistics, is also based on a revisions policy.
Data dissemination
Statistics Portugal offers its customers several means and services to access information:
- Internet
On the Statistics Portugal website you can:

- Statistics Portugal libraries
In Statistics Portugal libraries - in Porto, Coimbra, Lisboa, Évora and Faro customers have free access to all our publications (hard copy and CD-ROM), to publications of other (national, foreign and international) institutions, as well as to our website and official statistics websites across the world.
- Statistics Portugal Information Network in Higher Education Institutions Libraries
This Network covers all mainland districts and is currently composed of 36 Access Points to Statistics Portugal’s information operating in Libraries located mostly in public but also private universities and polytechnic institutes. They were set up through partnerships between Statistics Portugal and those institutions.
This Network was set up with the purpose of facilitating and increasing access and use (which is free of charge) to official statistical data, notably by teachers and students from institutions integrating the network and other educational establishments in geographical proximity. Access Points are available to all users.
In Access Points customers may browse through our website and consult publications in hard copy and/or CD-ROM, as well as access other services provided by Statistics Portugal, with local support from regularly trained qualified staff.
All Access Points operate a free telephone line connected to Statistics Portugal’s support service for further clarification.
Within the scope of this Network, participating institutions hold training courses for users, provided by local staff and/or Statistics Portugal’s staff.