Official Portal - Statistics Portugal
Statistics Portugal Dissemination Policy follows a clear customer-oriented policy, assigning the greatest importance to meeting customers' needs and expectations. Wide and easy access to Statistics Portugal’s information is our priority, as well as improving the quality of the service provided. Transparency, which must underlie the production and dissemination of official statistics, thus requires a detailed clarification of the Revisions policy.
Dissemination service
- On the Internet
On this website, you can:

  • browse and download free of charge a significant volume of information;
  • have access to other electronic services, which includes subscribing contents or sending requests on information not available on the website;
  • have access to the Biblioteca Digital de Estatísticas Oficiais (Digital Library of Official Statistics), that contains the images of all publications issued by Statistics Portugal since 1864, totalling over 1.5 million pages.
- In Statistics Portugal's libraries
Statistics Portugal libraries in Porto, Coimbra, Lisboa, Évora and Faro - enable free access to: all our published information, in hard copy and/or CD-Rom; statistical data published by other organisations (national, foreign or international); our website and the websites of official statistical organizations across the world.
- Statistics Portugal Information Network in libraries of higher education establishments
This network - composed of Access Points to Statistics Portugal’s information, operating in libraries located at higher educational establishments, all over the mainland - allows clients to visit Statistics Portugal's website and to have access to its publications in hard copy and/or CD-Rom, as well as to other services provided by Statistics Portugal, with the support of duly trained staff.
All Access Points operate a direct telephone line connected to Statistics Portugal, free of charge, intended to support and/or provide additional clarification. They are not exclusively intended for teachers or students, but are at the disposal of all citizens.

Sale service
Our customers can acquire both published and ''tailor-made'' information.
- Published information
Published information can be acquired at Statistics Portugal premises or ordered on-line, by fax or email.
- "Tailor-made" information
''Tailor-made'' information involves research and/or treatment of information. As a result a value-added product is obtained, whose costs are borne by the customer.
The deadline for its delivery depends on the complexity of the research required.
Its sale is subject to statistical confidentiality and data representativity.
This information can be obtained through the same channels as the published information.
European information
Eurostat is the statistical office of the European. Following the free dissemination policy adopted by Eurostat in 2004, all the products and services are available online for the benefit of statistical users in Europe and throughout the world.
Standard products include News Releases, Statistics in Focus and traditional publications such as pocketbooks and yearbooks.
A statistical database is also available for the more demanding user. This database includes a comprehensive coverage of statistical data that can be extracted according to the requirements and parameters stipulated by the user. Click here to go straight to the database (known as Data Navigation Tree).
The website includes also over a thousand pre-defined tables. These are tables compiled from the statistical database and include structural, short-term, long-term and sustainable development indicators.
The news feeds (RSS) allows users to access national data concerning various countries directly from the Eurostat website. Click here to view the current news feeds available.
Information requests or requests for help on site´s navigation should be presented in Eurostat site – hompage / User support.
Requests should be placed according to a previous choice of language. At the moment, Portuguese is not an available language.
Customer support service
This service is oriented to provide guidance to customers in the consulting, obtaining and utilisation of information, as well as to ensure after-sale service.
Telephones:     808201808 - local call cost, national network
                       (+351) 226050748 - international or mobile networks
Fax:                 (+351) 218426364
Media-oriented service
Statistics Portugal offers the media a service oriented to journalists' specific requirements, providing support in the consultation and clarification of the information provided, as well as in obtaining ''tailor-made'' information through the Communication and Image Service:
Researcher-oriented service
The academic community has specific requirements in terms of statistical information, namely intended to the development of research and to the preparation of Master and Doctorate degrees.
Statistics Portugal has established a Protocol with the Ministry for Science, Technology and Higher Education, with a view to providing the academic community with easier access to the statistical information required for their activity.
For that purpose, interested researchers are invited to register with the Direção Geral de Estatísticas da Educação e Ciência (DGEEC), where they will receive the necessary information.
Customer survey
Statistics Portugal has implemented a number of mechanisms intended to evaluate its customers' satisfaction degree in terms of services provided, to identify requirements, and to collect suggestions:
  • Permanente survey online
  • Permanent survey in Statistics Portugal's libraries;
  • Occasional surveys to different types of customers (journalists, researchers, entrepreneurs, etc).